The wait is finally over! Pixel Ninja remained true to their promise by releasing the Kinect survival horror game, Zombie Holdout. In this undead apocalypse, you make your valiant last-stand against the horde of flesh-eating zombies. The guns are your best friend and the barricade is your life. If the walls fall, so shall you. This video release by Pixel Ninja showcases some additional features from the previous demo they released. Users can now access different variety of guns and also enter into a first-person POV in order to better immerse themselves in this zombie shooter. The players use their hands in order to aim and shoot and with the Kinect, players will now know if they have what it takes to actually survive a zombie holocaust. The developers are hoping to pitch this as an official Xbox game and we would like to share the enthusiasm. Shooting zombies with your friends through Xbox Live with the Kinect, now that is a thing of beauty.

Here is the game description by Pixel Ninja:

“The concept in Zombie Holdout is simple – survive the horde! An interesting element created by the use of an NI is the addition of the physical element. No longer is survival based purely upon your reflexes and attention to detail – now the physical dimension comes to play. How long can you last before you succumb?”

Check out the full description and installation process of Pixel Ninja’s Zombie Holdout or download the demo here.

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