ZeroUI is a start-up company focused on bringing hands-free 3D modeling to the masses. Their pitch is to create a tool that will allow just about anyone to easily create their very own digital models.

ZeroUI is reliant on gestural input machines such as the Microsoft Kinect and the Leap controller, and makes 3D model creation using nothing but the user’s hands possible in conjunction with other systems and computer applications. CNET reports:

“The company’s name comes from the fact that its system has an extremely minimal user interface. Rather than requiring users to understand the mathematics and physics of a model they might want to build, the ZeroUI system simply allows them to stand in front of the input camera and use intuitive hand gestures to craft their 3D model.”

ZeroUI demoed their creation at TechCrunch Disrupt last September by creating a 3D model for a robot, each part of which was created using nothing more than simple hand gestures. Completed 3D models can be used the same way as ones created using more complicated CAD systems.

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