Here is a great Kinect program that transforms the Xbox 360 controller to a fully functional Xbox 360 with accelerometer or gyroscope controller. It looks like it serves the same functions as that of the PS3’s intuitive controller. Youtube user  released this video on how this Kinect and Xbox 360 controller set up has given the Microsoft gaming console a great basis for future game developments. With the Kinect and the controller, upcoming games will definitely have additional features or as this video showcased, existing games can be installed with new controls. Gesturing the controller upwards, downwards and sidewards result into various functions in-game. This makes gaming if not easier, more interesting. The PS3 has successfully integrated controller movement in order to add a sense of depth in the experience in video gaming. With this development, Xbox 360 might soon follow.

Here is a description from the developer as well as his key maps:

“Using the KinEmote beta, I mapped keys for FPS games to direction inputs that felt appropriate for immersion. Reload by pushing the controller (or a single hand) to the right, throw a grenade by moving up, and jab forward for a knife attack. The game in the video is Medal of Honor.”

For more information about the Kinect and Xbox 360 Controller, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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