We are looking for a skilled and passionate writer to help us here at KinectHacks.com. We want someone that understands the technology behind the Kinect and understands its significance. Frankly, we think that the Kinect is the future, and we want someone that shares that same vision.

We created KinectHacks.com as a resource for everything that Microsoft never intended the Kinect to be. Whether its controlling your in-house entertainment system, or any one of the thousand other alternative uses. Like you, we think the Kinect is a game changing device. KinectHacks.com has grown into the #1 resource for Kinect related news, we have been featured in a number of printed and web related news articles including, Wired, NY Times, Fox News, and many others.

If interested, please contact us here. Please let us a little more about yourself and why you think you’d be the best candidate for the position.


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