Evoluce is proud to announce that it has finally released a commercial software that enables users to engage the Windows 7 OS with touchless gesture control. The WIN&I is an Evoluce software that integrates the Kinect with the Microsoft advanced operating system. Users can now control their favorite Win7 programs and applications through motion control. Browse the web for your preferred sites and online stores by waving your hand. You can also select your images and view them through physical gestures. This NUI gives the user space, comfort and convenience to do their computing without the need for on-hand hardware. With the Kinect as the device and the WIN&I as the premiere software,

Here is a description of the WIN&I by Evoluce:

“WIN&I opens up a new era in PC interaction. Control Windows 7 and thousands of applications with this natural user interface. WIN&I software replaces the computer mouse by tracking simple gestures from users up to several meters from the screen using the power of the Kinect depth-sensor.”

For more information about the WIN&I, visit the product’s website.

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