This existing first person shooter experiences the delight of mixed controls with the Kinect and thus adds more suspense and immersion! The Kinect Wing 323 Hybrid Controls make use of the Xbox pad and Kinect in order to create a viable control experience for the first person shooter game. This video by¬†Alex Poolton showcases his experiment of using both Xbox controls to achieve synergy. In the video, the user is seen holding a controller and having the Kinect detect the user’s other hand. The controller is in charge of moving the user, having the analog pad in charge of that. The other hand detected by the Kinect is in charge of changing views, shooting and opening doors. This project and the others like it exemplifies the community’s commitment in creating the best and smoothest control with Kinect for games!

For more information about the Kinect Wing 323 Hybrid Controls, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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