One of the most common hacks we encounter are the ones that turn the Kinect into an alternative device for controlling computers. The Kinect takes the place of an input device suc as a mouse or a keyboard and allows users to replace clicks and taps with simple hand gestures. Today, we’ve got another example of one such hack from the good people at Ixora Studios, a hack that they’ve dubbed as the ‘Winect.’

Title creativity aside, the Winect is a nifty app that uses the Kinect’s depth camera to recognize your hand gestures, allowing you to control the computer’s mouse cursor. Different gestures can be used to define the various mouse functions such as right, left and middle click. You can also use gestures to scroll through your screen. The Winect is a highly customizable tool that allows users to define what kind of gesture will control which mouse button. You can even assign multiple gestures to a single button.

If you’re curious and want to try out or study the hack, Ixora has provided a download link and instructions on how to install Winect on their website. The creator is also calling for feedback on his Youtube site so feel free to drop him a note and give suggestions on how Winect can be better.

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