Use the Kinect and WebSockets to play HTML5 Games! The Kinect WebKinectNinja uses the Kinect, Kinect SDK and WebSockets to have gesture control in this fruit slicing HTML5 game. This video by Magnud Thor displays just how this concept works and how the future of Kinect in the HTML looks brighter by the hack! In the video, the user narrates the basics and foundations of this Kinect hack and how he used the SDK and WebSockets to commence Kinect Control on HTML5. The simple game is like Fruit Ninja but now, with gesture-based control, users can have fun and dice those fruits with their hand movements. HTML5 is the future of web browsing and applications and with the Kinect gladly adding diversity of features, we can only predict a bright future for computing!

For more information about WebKinectNinja, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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