We take a break from the action-packed Kinect games and venture into a more casual yet interesting side. The Virtual Playground by Activate3d bears a simple concept; for the users to interact with a virtual environment at the comforts of their home. Although the goal and joy is simple, the complex process of interacting with virtually all of the objects in the environment makes this Kinect gaming contribution of Activate3d, a real charmer. In this video they released, the demo part of the game shows how users can use Kinect and their physical motions to move around and play inside the carefully made playground. Be it the swinging in the monkey bars or climbing the rope, users will find a sense of familiar reality with the game. Activate3d calls this program the Intelligent Character Motion (ICM) which they have successfully integrated with the Kinect. They have also made this program and code free for users and developers to tweak upon. By giving users this motion-controlled near-reality game, are we seeing the makings of a Kinect-based Sims game?

For more information about the ICM, visit Activate3d’s Website or you can go directly to the application of downloading the ICM code here.

Download Code Visit Website


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