As more virtual environment programs for the Kinect are developed, we are given variety ranging from the most accurate to the funniest fictional ones. We feature one of the silliest (yet a very believable) virtual environment programs that involves pink bunnies. The Kinect Bunnies by Emily Strouse immerses users into a cartoon-like environment, giving them control of a humanoid pink rabbit. This avatar can be made to move around this green pasture and has the option to possess two pink rabbits of creature-like form. The user can then manipulate these rabbits by jumping, walking and striding.

This video release of the Kinect Bunnies best shows how this Kinect Virtual Environment works. While the obvious way is to create a life-like virtual environment, developments such as these promote creativity in all levels. If you can be a rabbit what is stopping you from being a dragon? From dwelling in fictional lands?

For more information about Kinect Bunnies, visit the developer’s website.

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