We’ve seen Kinect developments on virtual environments and musical instruments but for them to merge together? The result is absolutely a smart and genius one as this latest Kinect Hack shows us how this simple concept of creating a virtual environment to play music can yield spectacular results. The Kinect Music Synthesizer is the end result of this merger. With the Kinect detecting the user’s movements, specific points in the user’s body are embodied as spheres in the digital world. Colored cylinders are then seen in this virtual environment that have their own corresponding sound to play. When the the spheres hit the cylinders, music plays. The users can then experiment on composing various tunes and sets by having their corresponding movements play tunes.

In this video release by Youtube user , the concept discussed above  is put to the test. As of the moment, the current Kinect program plays simple notes, but since the project is currently under construction, we’re expecting great results as developments come in.

For more information about this Kinect project, visit the project’s Youtube page.

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