A recent program released by developers enabled gesture controls on the Windows 7 but as expected, it encountered errors based on precision and input commands. Youtube userĀ xd201112 released this video of a creative way in dealing with Microsoft’s Windows 7 Kinect issues by establishing a Virtual Environment. Users can now keep track and have a physical image of their browsing via this virtual image created by Kinect Projects. This results to easier control and added features in navigating the operating system. The project’s name is the KinVi.

Here is the project description by the developers:

“It is a hard problem to get proper feedback when using Natural Interface to control your PC. KinVi is developed to address this problem by constructing a virtual environment that interact with human. In KinVi, the user can control Windows 7 by interacting with the virtual touch pad, handwriting pad, buttons, doors and other objects. By this means the user can get the most intuitive and natural visual feedback when using NI. After a period of training, the user can even make the 3D world window transparent or completely invisible and still be able to perform correct gestures.”

For more information about the Kinvi, visit the Kinect Project’s website.


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