ViiM is a software development kit for the 3D sensors built on top of OpenNI, providing all its functionalities and also adds new high-level features. ViiM’s middleware takes care of all the software architecture and processing routines, running silently in the background, allowing developers, from novice to expert, to focus all their attention solely on the creation of interactive applications.

According to developer CoVii, ViiM is a revolutionary tool because it offers developers a suit of high-level processing methods, unavailable until now, on the market or only existing in separate tools. For instance most SDKs available on the market have gesture recognition or skeleton tracking thought for specific purposes. ViiM not only offers both features for all kind of applications but also offers many more advanced features.

ViiM already recognizes 14 gestures, ranging from basic wave to more complex ones, such as double click or backspace. Regarding skeleton tracking ViiM can track up to 15 skeletons and not only does the detection of the skeleton itself but can also calculate joints positions, rotation angles, matrixes and quaternions.

The other processing units are user segmentation, distinguishing users from static background and detecting multiple users with ID differentiation; user cropping that removes the static background from the scene and optical flow which detects the amount of movement on the scene, computing the velocity vector.

ViiM SDK opens a whole new world of possibilities to easily create NUI applications and integrate them into different graphic engines (based on OpenGL or DirectX). By combining ViiM’s units, developers have the power to create more and more fantastic optimized applications no matter the business area or purpose.


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