User’s will be delighted to know that thanks to the Kinect and members from 3rd Eye Animation, hands and physical movements can now be used to create 3d models. Not limiting itself on just picture and media browsing, the Kinect community have been exploiting the hand, finger and body tracking capability of the depth camera device. Now, all of those Kinect breakthroughs have merged together to provide users with an motion-based, interactive 3d modeling platform to use. In this video release by , the user demonstrated how the Kinect’s hand tracking enabled the user’s hand to act as the cursor. The finger commands  were then integrated to give the user options in selecting points and images in the 3d model screen. The finger tracking technology, however,  will soon come later as gloves were used for the finger commands. But, as the technology is already out, the use of gloves may soon be a thing of the past.  Users of this program can now be a “digital sculptor” and user their hands to create works of art with precision or probably with that room of error that makes art the way it is. The successful partnership of these Kinect breakthroughs, plus the genius behind the Kinect 3d Model creation gave the Kinect community a working sample of a successful program that make use of the Kinect experiments of various users.

The program made use of Arduino, GEM, OpenNI, Pure Data, Sensebloom and Linux.

For more information about the Kinect 3d Modeling, visit the developer’s website.

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