If you’ve worked in a corporate environment, one of the things that you’ve probably encountered are presentations. The application of choice is usually PowerPoint and how snazzy you make them can sometimes greatly influence your audience reaction to what you’re presenting. What if there was a way to make your presentations be more tech savvy? What if you could do away with clicking to get to the next slide or having an assistant do it for you? This hack could potentially give you that.

Our featured hack for today is from Pedram Rezaei who demoed a Kinect hack at the 2011 SQL PASS Summit. Utilizing the Kinect’s skeletal tracking feature, the hack allowed him to use a Kinect to interface with Microsoft’s latest BI reporting tool and provided him with “easy data exploration, visualization and presentation capabilities, Power View, through natural language and simple gestures.”

The video has two sections – one shows how the gestures are tracked and translated to “touch screen” commands while the second shows how the user can voice commands to control the presentation.

It’s an interesting hack that you may want to try in an office setting to give you that extra flair. At the end, you’ll probably be wondering if they’re clapping at the data you presented or the “Kinect magic” you just showed them.

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