A lot of great things are born by mixing other great things together – Peanut Butter and Jelly being one of the most awesome examples. But sometimes, great things also come from the coming together of things that no one ever thought of bringing together in the first place. And while today’s featured hack has yet to see greatness, it is interesting to say the least.

Shooters are easily one of the biggest gaming genres out there, with sales for big releases rivaling those of Hollywood movies. Twitter is one of the major players in the social networking world, possibly only second in popularity to Facebook. And now, someone has decided to try and find out what happens if you merge the two.

Confused? Here’s the lowdown – By utilizing HTML, Javascript and the Intrael Server with a Kinect and using perspective correction to translate camera to page coordinates, the creators have managed to come up with what they’re calling a “social shooter”. Several Twitter logos fly across the screen and hitting them with “real” ammo (such as a balled-up piece of paper) results in twitter text getting displayed on the top.

Could this be the start of a new gaming genre or tool for social networking? Probably not but it sure does look like a lot of fun.


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