Today’s featured app is a tool which, according to the developer, “makes building interactive projected displays quick and easy.”  It requires a Kinect and a Projector and then you can drag-drop web content into the world around you, transforming practically any surrounding into your desktop. As the developer says,  “think of it as a programming environment for physical spaces!”

The video shows some possible real world applications for such a set-up and could, like other Kinect-based computer interfaces, change how we interact with computers in the future.

The developer says that his research is still ongoing and part of his focus is to work out major problems that are facing this kind of technology. Part of that is finding uses for the tool in various situations that wouldn’t normally be considered.

Be sure to check out his video link and provide feedback on how you think this technology could progress. You can also download the code for the app using the link below.


Visit Project Website



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