The visually amazing indie game, Trine, is the latest game that the Kinect community tinkered with. This puzzle-adventure game can now be controlled using physical gestures thanks to the Kinect. The 3 main characters of the game can now be controlled by the hand, adding this very interactive control platform to this side scrolling game. FAAST 0.07 was the primary toolkit used in integrating Trine to the Kinect controls, making FAAST still the reliable platform to use when synchronizing existing games with the Kinect.

This video by Youtube User  shows the user playing Trine with the Kinect. The hand is configured to be the cursor of the game. The user then proceeds to move his hand and give commands in order for the 3 main characters of the game to solve puzzles, fight villains and get through each level. While the process of hacking games and making Kinect as the control is nothing new, this Trine-Kinect partnership is a must-see especially for fans of the game.

For more information about the Kinect Trine Program, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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