We’ve seen how the Kinect has been used as a tool for artistic peformance. The results of these projects have been very interesting to say the least, with some pushing the boundaries of what we would consider art. Today’s hack is the result of Generative Design course wherein the students wanted to come up with an application that would be a medium for expession. Here’s a description from the developer:

“Dance Dance Ribbon was created the last few days of a two week course on generative design with Joshua Noble & David Gauthier. During the course we focused on how we can use software as a tool of expression. Using Processing, we explored how Microsoft’s Kinect could be used to track body movements with ribbons. Specifically, we wanted to show that dance is a medium of expression, leading to different outputs.

“While tracing movements, our program also saves a picture every few frames, leaving the dancer with images of their movements to examine afterwards. On each frame we show the time of the movement in correlation with the song, the spectrum peak of the song, and also whether the beat was on or off at that moment. For our final project we created a flip book and a poster from these images.”

The end result, as you can see in the video is a whimsical piece that enhances the dancer’s already artistic moves.



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