We’ve shared several Kinect hacks that have demonstrated how the Kinect can go beyond being a mere add-on to the Xbox 360. While these hacks have been centered on finding other ways to enjoy the Kinect or improving how we work, it’s always good to hear how what others just see as a toy can be turned into a tool that can improve and even save lives.

A tool for video analysis or ATVA is a framework that describes itself an activity recognition system. This system recognizes daily activities that could help doctors and other experts diagnose and study diseases. And all of this is done in a non-invasive manner as the data is captured with video and sensors. The system can also be set-up to recognize abnormal activities, such as a person falling down or experiencing a heart attack, and trigger an alarm when and if they do occur.

The developer is currently proposing ATVA applications in homes or facilities that have people who would benefit from constant monitoring, such as the elderly or people with sleeping disorders. The system, aside from providing doctors with data that would be useful in tracking a person’s progress or what issues are being encountered, can also allow people to live more independently allowing them to “gain greater confidence leading to a better quality of life.”

To learn more about the project, including a detailed discussion of its applications and related literature, please visit the link below.

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