The touchless interface is being widely studied and developed for improved computer user interaction. In recent years, interfaces for video games based on human motion, obtained by cameras of all kinds are being released for various consoles and computing platforms, the most popular of which is Microsoft’s Kinect.

Today, as with all hacks we feature, we’ve go an interesting little application that could be the foundation of even bigger projects — a touchless interface achieved via realtime depth video analysis.

Besides video games, other applications will be able to benefit from this technology as it makes the utilization of electronic devices safer, simpler and perhaps most importantly, immersive. Some tasks that can be assisted by this technology include data entry on mobile devices, navigation in a virtual environment, modeling of three-dimensional objects, controlling robots and avatars, simulation of tools from the real world, as well as situations where contact with the user equipment is not advisable either to prevent the transmission of pathogens to them or to minimize possible physical damage to equipment.

Check it out and be sure to reach out to the developer. His contact details are provided at the end of the video.




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