Recently, we featured a Kinect hack that allowed you to enter your PIN with simple hand gestures and brought us closer to a reality promised by many sci-fi movies that allowed us to control computers without the need of solid input devices like keyboards or mice. Now, we’ve got another new hack from TipTep that allows you “distant control” of your mouse without touching the surface – the TipTep Mouse.

The company calls their product a part of “the new era of Human Computer interaction (HCI)” and allows you to control digital devices with your voice and simple hand gestures with the help of a Kinect. It’s another innovative alternative to current methods of controlling and providing input to computers. According to TipTep’s website, their aim is to make this tool into something that will allow HCI feel more natural and “humanized.” The hack utilizes our favorite device coupled with OpenNI modules.

For more details on the hack, including resources required, you can visit TipTep’s website on the project website link below. Their website also provides you with links to download the software and resources on how to use and understand their product better provided you register first.

Visit Project Website


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