While originally designed for gaming purposes, enterprising KinectHackers have found ways to integrate Microsoft’s groundbreaking hardware into various projects, including those that are related to art.

Today’s featured hack gives uses an opportunity to “project” their emotions into one of London’s most recognizable landmarks — The London Eye. Users can do this via the Mood Conductor:

The Mood Conductor is an interactive installation that enables a single user at a time to be empowered to express their mood on an unforgettable architectural scale – by controlling the lights on the London Eye. It is the first time a large public landmark within London has been controlled directly by members of the public.

There are two ways in which the ‘performer’ is able to interact with the system: first by using their arms and hands, and secondly, at more subconscious level, through their heart rate.  The gesture recognition system allows for free and unconstrained movements to be interpreted into beautiful lighting movements that amplify the user’s mood.

It’s an interesting use of the Kinect and one that certainly merits more attention. have you guys had a chance to try it out? Please do share your experiences in the comments!


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