Most of the Kinect community hack the depth camera device with a practical use in mind. While such developments have really pushed the Kinect’s use, there are those other Kinect experiments that were made just to celebrate the open design of the Kinect. Take Tom Wyatt’s latest Kinect hack wherein he and his team from London Hackspace hooked up a pair of Tesla Coils to the Kinect and made the “Evil Genius Simulator” – Kinect controlled Tesla Coils. In this video release, you can see how users, by raising their hands high, can control the flow of electricity in the tesla coils, emitting visible electric currents. What is the use of such development? Well an evil genius has to have tesla coils acting up whenever he feels like breaking out to a sinister laugh. In short, this experiment was for the fun and knack of creating a Kinect Hack and showing to people that things can be done. These kinds of experiments however were the foundation of various practical Kinect hacks within the community. We can only wait in excitement what programs ┬áthis Kinect Hack will inspire. Meanwhile, go and conspire your evil plan as the Evil Genius Simulator will add more “madness” to your plan!

For more information about the Evil Genius Simulator, visit Tom Wyatt’s Website.

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