We’ve seen an evolution of web browsing methods. From mouse clicks to touch and eventually to gesture-based browsing, technology never fails to surprise us with creative interactivity. Today however, we feature another form of web browsing that stays true to the art of “internet surfing”. David Stolarsky released this video of him “swimming” through the internet with the help of the Kinect. In the video, Stolarysky was able to visit his favorite websites by swimming towards these pages through the use of live strokes (in this case, breast strokes). ┬áBy swimming towards the designated tab, users can visit that website and by swimming away from the website, users can go back to the previously visited page. David Stolarsky named this program, the “SwimBrowser”.

These creative outputs from developers might seem strange at first, but these adventurous developments are usually the foundations of ground-breaking Kinect innovations.

For more information about the SwimBrowser and the technology behind it, visit its website.


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