We’ve been caught up with so many non-gaming uses for the Kinect. We’ve seen it as a tool to educate, advertise and assist with healthcare. Is it possible that we’re forgetting its gaming roots?

Probably not, as today’s featured hack will show. There are still people out there who look at the Kinect and see how its motion sensing technology can be applied in different game play scenarios. Today’s hack is called “Starfighter-K” (we’re assuming the “K” stands for Kinect) and is a throw back at games that we used to play in the 80s… except this time you will be using your body to control the ship and not a joystick.

On his Youtube page, the developer describes the game as “Starfighter-K is a very old-style tunnel game, based on an old ASCII game, designed to work with the Kinect. Brings together childish programming with the fun of flying a plane as a kid.” He also states that the hack was built using MS Kinect SDK. Controls for the game seem simple and intuitive enough: you tilt your arms to pilot the ship, move hands back to go faster and forward to slow down.

Think it’s simple? Well the developer has issued an open challenge. We’ve included a link below so you can download the game and take him up on it.┬áLet us know how high you can score!


Visit Project Website


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