Here we see another great Kinect and other device integration that helps users cooperate and play games. People fromĀ  were able to create this awesome Kinect hack which uses the iPhone device and the Kinect in order to bring interactive and multi-player entertainment to its users. Using the user’s body gestures to control a rampaging spacecraft and the iPhone to control the gatling gun, users are immersed into this action-packed and high speed game. The integration of the 2 devices help add variety to gaming options with the Kinect and beyond. In the video, two users play with each other by having one as the pilot and the other one as the gunner. These kinds of games push the envelope of the Kinect’s compatibility with other devices. The Kinect and iPhone’s compatibility might even stem beyond gaming and we may soon see utility Kinect hacks which support cross-device use.

For more information about the Kinect Spacecraft with iPhone, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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