Space Recall is, the developer claims, an interactive image device for recalling the space in memories.

“The original static image which was pieced together will instantaneously switch to a dynamic image through the movement and the change of viewpoints of the audience. To the image, the audience is active and able to decide his viewpoints. In the meantime, it is also the memory recall and exploration from the space where the audience has ever been.”

According to the developer, when being in a certain space, the audience could take photos there from different viewpoints and upload to Space Recall. the app adopts Microsoft Photosynth technology, something which automatically pieces together the photos from the same space into a panorama.

In the future, the audience can move back to the space in the past via Space Recall. Microsoft Kinect’s depth camera calculates user’s body shifts and viewpoint changes to simulate the visual experience in the real world. It is true to life as if the space in the memory appears before the eyes.


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