As the Kinect continues to gain popularity with hackers everywhere, Microsoft has been adding new features for people to tinker with. Paradox D&D wanted to take the opportunity to try the new features that Kinect provides and ended up with an app that’s capabale of face-tracking:

“We developed ‘Skulls,’  an application with Face Tracking which positions a 3D skull and replaces the user’s head. In addition to Face Tracking, has also been used the video capture image to provide a ‘natural augmented reality,’ using the user’s own body for referencing 3D models.

“The Skulls application provides 3 types of heads options: skull bone, skull radiography and skull in flames (based on Ghost Rider’s comic). Furthermore, a controller is added to the user’s mouth so that it can open and close the skull’s jaw. This application is an example of a new technology that offers many possibilities and is in the line of ‘virtual dressers’ (in which the user ‘wears’ 3D elements: dresses, costumes, accessories, etc.).”

Unfortunately, for those hoping to replicate Paradox D&D’s app, it is not open source. But it is a good demonstration of what you can do with the Kinect with a little time and elbow grease.

To learn more about Skulls and other Paradox D&D projects, be sure to visit the link below.


Visit Project Website


  1. Hi there.

    I want to safe the face tracking informations in an format like bvh !

    How I can do that?

    Have you are an tool ?



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