One thing that KinectHackers have found really useful with the Kinect is its capability to make 3D and 3D-related applications not only a reality but also affordable. Today’s featured hack is an example of that.

Here are some tech details from the developer:

“Markerless articulated skeletal hand tracking research from 3D depth data providing pose (position and orientation) of all 17 bones in user’s hand and fingers. Tracking algorithm as well as graphics application and data gathering runs around 30 FPS running single threaded on Intel x86 processor. 60fps on faster desktop PC.”

According to the developer, their tracking technology is original and not based on any of the current methods out there now (i.e. its not particle swarm nor decision tree systems). It was also the same hand tracking technology that was used on the Snake demo that Intel used for CES 2013. You can watch on the video, courtesy of The Verge, at the 50-second mark.


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