Now the Kinect can make make things happen for LCD and LED Screens! The Simple Kinect Touch 1.3 enables programmers to adjust specific settings in order to have the Kinect transform LCD and LED screens into touch surfaces. This video by¬† shows how the Simple Kinect Touch 1.3 can now make use of the Kinect in order to capitalize on the growing touch-surface market – without having to spend much! In the video, the developer gives a tutorial on how to make the Kinect detect finger gestures on the LCD/LED Screens. By adjusting a few settings, the Kinect then can now trace the user’s hand over the LCD and LED screens. This Kinect hack, when properly programmed with responses, can turn your normal LCD and LED display into a huge touch screen surface! Onward, to a new era of natural user interfaces!

For more information about the Simple Kinect Touch 1.3, visit the project’s website or download the code here.

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