SigmaNIL is, according to the developer, “the most powerful vision framework for natural user interfaces.” The tool also comes with elaborate features such as finger level precision hand shape recognition, hand gesture recognition, and hand skeleton tracking.

For those looking for more, SigmaNIL framework also provides customization tools for each of these advanced features. SigmaNIL is designed to support all depth sensor devices and base libraries such as OpenNI and KinectSDK. It is also designed so that developers can enhance it by adding new powerful modules.

The tool is composed of the following parts:

  • SigmaNIL Core (source code included)
  • SigmaNIL Modules (HandSegmentation, HandSkeleton, HandShape and HandGesture)
  • SigmaNIL Tools (Mainly training tools to customize the modules by creating relevant data files. Current distribution includes HandShapeTrainingTool only)

For those interested in trying out SigmaNIL, you can find documentation and tutorials on their website. Be sure to click the handy-dandy link below!


Visit Project Website



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