As more innovations come our way due to the creativity of community members and the Kinect, we are delighted to see that some of these breakthroughs affect our daily tasks. From having handles to remote-operated  the everyday routine of using vacuum cleaners is now seeing a entering a new phase: being absolutely hands-free. This video by Youtube user displays this hands-free vacuum cleaner at work. By using the Roomba, a remote-controlled vacuum cleaner and then programming the Kinect to instead send the IR signals. The user then is able to dictate the direction of the vacuum cleaner with no hardware held.

At first, this seem to require more effort than a remote-controlled cleaner but what this hack has done is open the doors to further capitalizing on this breakthrough. By syncing household appliances with motion-based commands, we may see the future of easier household chores. Washing machines may be operated with a wave of the hand or ovens can increase or lower their intensity using a simple gesture.

As for the vacuum cleaner, if the hack is further developed, a single finger point might be enough to dictate the cleaner’s route.

For more information about the Kinect-controlled Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, check out the developer’s website.

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