Here’s a new hack that promises something truly amazing: Grab a camera and point it at an object and you’ll get a 3D reconstruction in real time. That’s ight, you can get a 3D model almost immediately with this innovative new tool. Here’s a description of some of its featues from their website:

  • Robust 3D real-time reconstruction
  • Accurate metric surface reconstruction
  • Multiple 3D sensor support
  • Cross-vendor 3D hardware support (AMD, NVIDIA and INTEL)
  • Offline reconstruction from existing file streams
  • Resuming reconstructions at any point in time
  • Surface export to common 3D file formats such as .stl or .obj

Basically, all you’ll need to do is capture the object from every angle. This will then allow ReconstructMe to build a mesh which can be exported into a variety of 3D formats such as .stl or .obj.

Where does the Kinect come in? It’s compatibility with OpenNI devices means that the application has Kinect support. Watch the video we’ve included to see the ReconstructMe process from stat to finish.

The best part is the application is available for free, at least for non-commercial use. You can head on over to their website via the link we’ve provided below to check it out for yourself. Be sure to come back and share what cool new projects you take on with this application!


Visit Project Website


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