Looking for something that can help you with real time 3D-Tracking? The Kinect’s got you covered.

Today;s featured hack is 3D-tracking tool that allows you to get real time visualizations. Here are the details:

Kinect’s depth image is processed to obtain a 3D point cloud of the scene which is then used to follow the object as it moves (in this case, a moving box).┬áThe calculated transformation is sent to a CAD visualization tool where a virtual object performs the same movements as those done by the real object.

The tracked movements can be used to create animations, play games or navigate through a virtual scene with the advantage of interacting with a real object.

It’s a simple hack that can potentially have a lot of real world applications. I can already see something like this being used in interactive advertisements and animation projects.

What other applications can you think for a Kinect hack like this? Share your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page!



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