In the quest to create a competitively-priced 3d Motion Capture setup, developers have pushed themselves and technology to limit. Yet, with the release of the Kinect and the hacks that followed it, consumers become more and more optimistic on each breakthrough. Another one of these promising experiments with the Kinect has given all Kinect users the working setup to capture Real-Time 3D Motion. The team from Organic Motion released this instructional video on how they used the Kinect, the Organic Motion Software and additional web cameras to achieve this feat.

As seen in the video, the Kinect’s depth camera already provides users with a significant amount of image data to serve as the base. Additional webcams are needed in order to fill in the gaps. The Organic Motion software then collate the data and transform these into a real-time 3d video.

For more information about the setup, watch the video or visit the Organic Motion’s Youtube Page.

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