We’ve seen Kinect hacks transform its users to unique avatars. From superheroes to optical camouflage, the power of the Kinect and the ingenuity of custom programs from users never fail to impress us. The same could be said for the program from developers Huaishu Peng and Charles Doomany who took the next step and made their avatar program, a game. This is the Neuorspasta, anĀ interactive multiplayer game which transforms its users into puppets and gives them the ability to interact with other users. Through changing the scale of their puppet avatars, slapping off their co-player’s heads or switching between each other’s looks, Neurospasta immerses its players into a simple yet fun concept. The best thing to note here is that two players can use the game by just standing next to each other within the Kinect’s vision.

As seen in this video, users are free to have fun with the Neurospasta’s features. They can play together and create enjoyable scenarios. The developers used openFrameworks to create the user interface and provide the texture mapping. They also used openNI for to track the skeletal framework of the users.

For more information about the Neurospasta, visit Neurospasta’s Vimeo Page.


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