Today, we’re featuring  a prototype for a 3D computer game that incorporates motion control using a Kinect sensor and real-world device control using a programmable automation controller (PAC). According to the developers, all character movement in the Unity game environment is controlled through right-hand gesture recognition:

“In this proof-of-concept, the panel lamp on the virtual instrument tracks the physical instrument lamp, regardless of whether control is from the toggle switches on the panel or from the virtual buttons. The buttons react to “collisions” with the green sphere hovering in front of the first person game character. The game’s control scripts interact with the PAC hardware, which is also running a simple program for physical control of the panel lamp.”

The project creators, Alex Brown and Bryan Brown, say that they’re planning “some interesting uses for this technology mix in training, rehabilitation, behavior modification, and large-scale entertainment applications that blend 3D virtual environments with the control of external lighting, fans, floor tilt, temperature and other physical parameters.”

Watch the video and check out more about the developers in their respective website.


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