One interesting thing about the Kinect is that it has a lot of potential applications in augmented reality applications and simulations. Today’s featured hack is one such example — Project Icarus.

Project Icarus is meant to be a free flight simulator. It uses the Kinect to turn the position of your arms to servo positions. According to the developers, the end product has a 55″ LCD mounted in front of you where you can see the 3D world you fly through. Using the simulator is easy:

“The setup is the first ‘test’ setup with the Kinect mounted on the frame. You can see the infrared view in Unity3D. The positions of both arms are translated to the OPC server. Both hands up is ‘climbing’, both hands down is ‘descending.'”

The project is by students from the ROC Friese Poort Drachten Netherlands, Gamedesign and Mechatronica and is currently still in development. Be sure to check out the video; I’m sure feedback will also be appreciated and could help them come up with something amazing.



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