From gamers to tech enthusiasts and now to politicians! The Kinect has been recently used by the Polish Prime Minister in his talk with the press. This video by Lukasz displays the high-ranking official and the technology that helped him explain himself better. In the video, the Prime Minister is stationed in front of the press as he gives a scheduled conference to the public. With the cameras rolling, there is another high-tech camera watching the prime minister and that is the Kinect. Stationed directly in front of the prime minister, the Kinect is able to track the PM’s movement, thus the programs are able to respond via touch-less gestures. From cascading menus to intricate details in his speech, the Prime Minister of Poland is able to emphasize his points and keep the media active by using this next-generation technology! Maybe the next presidential speech would feature the Kinect!

For more information about the Prime Minister’s talk using the Kinect, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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