Wall and floor projections, done right, could be an interesting distraction and a great marketing tool. The guys at Po-Motion realized that and have come with a simple to use software package that utilizes the Kinect’s motion-tracking technology in conjunction with a projector.

According to their website their software packages (Po-Motion IR) is compatible with any PC that runs Windows XP or higher and works perfectly with an Xbox Kinect sensor.

The video shows two children having fun with interactive ads and a sport game that’s being projected on the floor. One can see that these things can be quite attention-grabbing and could just be what your business needs to attract attention. At the very least, you’ll be giving people something different that could also potentially brighten up their day.

Po-Motion’s software packages aren’t free but they’re reasonably priced for what they offer especially if you do not have the time or resources to build a similar software package and set-up yourself. Po-Motion has packages that start at prices that are as low as $39.99.

Check out their website and see if they offer Kinect-powered wall and floor projection solutions for your needs.


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