Music generation is also adapting to the features of the Kinect, allowing users to use motion to compose or edit music. One of these motion-controlled Kinect music hacks is playing Ableton MIDI sounds using the Kinect and also the WiiMote. The skeletal tracking of the Kinect gives this Kinect program an outline to use and read in order to play the assigned instrument. In this case, the video by Youtube userĀ  used the Kinect in order to play a vocal midi file and have his other hand adjust the pitch of the vocal instrument, playing higher if the hand goes up and playing lower if it goes down. The WiiMote is in charge of changing synth parameters.

Here is a short description of the project by the developer:

“After battling against slow laptops and extreme latency, I’ve started turning this demo into a cluster system with different operations being farmed out to different machines, it could be the only audio application that has had it’s latency reduced by sending Midi messages over TCP/IP.

The demo only has one of the instruments connected, the green bar at the side. The little horizontal lines across the bar are the lower stave (bass clef) and can active Midi Notes. The other box does nothing, instead a wiimote is used to tune synth parameters.”

For more information about the Kinect Ableton MIDI program, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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