Professional RTS and casual gamers alike might be enthralled with the idea that their favorite Blizzard RTS game, StarCraft 2 can now be controlled using the Kinect. Successfully integrating the iTouch UI and the Kinect’s NUI, StarCraft 2 fanatics can use their hand movements in imposing the will of either the Zerg, Terran or Protoss. The hand serves as the mouse and the user can then freely control and select units using the Kinect. The iTouch seems to be used for hotkeys, giving the user a keyboard alternative. With more games being added to the Kinect list, the Kinect community is definitely exploring  options of having an optimal controller for games. Video game producers should start paying attention as to the benefits and possibilities that the community and Kinect can bring to the gaming industry.

In this video by , the user is playing StarCraft 2 using hand movements and the iTouch. The apple product currently has the remote control software installed that enables it to be linked to the computer and input commands.

For more information about the Kinect StarCraft 2 Project, visit the project’s Youtube page or download the iTouch Remote Control Software here.

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