Can it get more classic than this? Gamers may now enjoy this vintage galactic defense game using motion-control thanks to the Kinect. Space Invaders is the latest (but one of the oldest) games that have been hacked with the Kinect. Through arm movements (and great timing) users can experience the extra-terrestrial threat in a different light and also defend the world as if they were the one’s inside the spaceship. In this video, you can see that the movement of the spaceship is controlled by raising your arm left or right. Raising both arms signals the spaceship to shoot while having the arms down steadies the ship. The game itself is simple as most players would know but by adding the Kinect to the gameplay, the same result can be expected when you fuse a classic with new and cutting-edge technology; refreshing gameplay and absolute fun.

The video was taken from Derrigs’ Youtube Channel. Check it out for more of his Kinect contributions.

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