Fruit Ninja is a true gaming phenomenon. Hardly any mobile device doesn’t have some version of the fun time-waster installed. It actually also made the cross-over to consoles and was released as a full game for the Kinect. But if you’re looking for a slightly different way to play this awesome game, then you may want to check out today’s featured hack.

Today, our featured hack shows you how you can play Fruit Ninja with your fingers…

“Isn’t that already how you normally play the game?” Some of you may be asking that question and you are correct. But what’s different about this is that you won’t need a touchscreen. All you have to do is make swipes with your finger across the air to chop up those juicy fruits. It’s similar to how you play the official version of Fruit Ninja with the Kinect but this way, you won’t need a whole lot of living room space!


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