I remember when I first saw Minority Report a few years back and one of the scenes that blew me away was the auto factory chase. And while the Kinect hasn’t brought us closer to flying cars (at least not yet, not since we checked the Kinect hacks submissions) it is bringing us closer to another amazing technology featured in the film – virtual computers.

The video reminds me of that cool computer interface that Tom Cruise was using in the Minority Report. Except with this one, there is no need to wear dorky gloves. This hack, which uses OpenNI and WPF in conjunction with the Kinect, allows users to enter their pin code with simple hand gestures. As you can see, all the user had to do to enter his pin code was to gesture out the numbers with his hand and it looks like the Kinect is able to track his fast movements without any problems. Very cool, indeed.

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