Previously, we featured a Kinect Art contribution regarding Living Brushes. In line with that Kinect Art, this program features ribbons that the user can virtually attach to their hands. The Kinect Ribbons enable the user to take control of virtual ribbons but the main feature of is program is that the ribbons is rendered with a physics engine. This means that the virtual ribbons exhibit the same behavior like the real ones. While this Kinect contribution is an art program, this raises the possibility of having physics-based objects in a virtual environment. Connected to the user, the ribbons be manipulated by the hands of the Kinect player but what if it is not just ribbons but a complete clothing apparel having physics rendering for the avatar? We’re definitely seeing advances in creating user-avatars for the Kinect.

In this video , his Kinect Ribbon contribution is the foundation of his Living Brushes project and also the potential base for physics-based Kinect objects inside the virtual environment.

For more information about the Kinect Ribbon, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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