One of  the enhancements that the Kinect offered to Xbox 360 users is the ability to control games without a controller. Eventually, this feature was enhanced so that you can do this not just within a game but also go through the Xbox Dashboard with just voice and gesture commands. Ever wonder what it would be like if these features extended beyond the Xbox 360? Looks like the guys at Paradox Design and Development tough of that as well and came up with a system that would turn your Kinect into a total media center hub.

The Paradox D&D Natural User Interface allows individuals to control the content on the screen using simple hand gestures. The developers also say that calibration is not necessary; users are required to be just 3 meters from the camera in order to facilitate interaction with the system. Their current version already includes a media player and a 3D model viewer.

The potential uses for this system are fairly obvious — this user interface can be used to control video conferences, enhance educational and entertainment tools and overal provide users with a more interactive way to navigate through their screens.

Check out more details about the Paradox D&D Natural User Interface as well as their other projects on the website link below.


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