When you hear the rock music start blasting from your speakers as soon as you hit play, you’r eprobably thinking that you’re about to watch the trailer to some action movie. Before you turn away, in case action movies aren’t up your alley, hold on and give the entire demo a watch. It;s actually for our featured Kinect hack today which allows users to control their PCs with nothing but gestures.

Here’s a description of the app from the developer’s website:

“Orchestra – interactive control system of any content, which can be launched on PC. Using several smoothing algorithms, clench or delay as click and two-hands for scaling you can do anything you want. At home: games, video and audio players, internet surfing. In business: interactive stand, commercial stand, gallery – that is only few options, which are possible with Orchestra. All, which can be done with “mouse”, can be repeated on distance of several meters from projector or presentation panel.”

Granted, the concenpt isn’t new but it’s always interesting to see what KinectHackers out there are trying to introduce to the growing number of gestural PC interfaces powered by the Kinect. Also, if you’re having issues with whatever system you’re using now, then this might be worth a look.

Learn more about Orchestra using the link below!


Visit Project Website




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