Some of the most popular Kinect Hacks with the community are 3D modeling and MoCap applications. And it’s easily understandable why as they make it possible to make awesome animation projects without having to break the bank for expensive equipment. Today’s featured hack is called NuiCapture and it’s a MoCap system that’s worth checking out.

Check out some of the key features of NuiCapture and see if it’s what you’re looking for:

  • Real-time, marker-less body and face motion capture
  • Record from multiple Kinect for Windows sensors simultaneously
  • Automatically export depth, color, and skeleton, and face data to Matlab, Maya, 3DS Max, and MotionBuilder
  • Synchronize audio and visual feeds across multiple Kinect for Windows sensors
  • Visualize recorded data in a 3D media player

For interested parties, there is a free trail version available at their website. You can use the handy link below to access it.

Good luck with your animation projects and be sure to share them with the Kinect Hacks community as soon as you’ve completed them.


Visit Project Website




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